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South GR20

Get a taste of Europe’s hardest trek and set out on a self-guided adventure across soaring peaks and lush valleys on the southern part of the GR20 hike.
Starting point
Finish point
7 days / 6 nights
June - September
Technical level
Exposed and steep, not suitable for people with vertigo. Requires moderate hiking experience
Fitness level
Suitable for hikers, who enjoy consecutive long days on a trail
From: 745€/person

Conquer the southern stretch of the GR20

Wander through the ancient forests of Vizzavona

Embrace the solitude of the Coscione plateau’s vast beauty

Gaze upon the majestic peaks of Bavella

Take in the views from the heights of Capannelle

Rocks, pine trees and mountains in central Corsica

Tackle the GR20's diverse terrain

cascade vizzavona

Find hidden waterfalls in the Vizzavona forest

Chevaux,  plateau de Coscione, Corse

Come face-to-face with wild horses

Aiguilles de Bavella from village

Take in the majestic needles of Bavella

Hiking on the Corsica Island in France in autumn

Embrace the peacefulness

walk along ridges

Test your balance zig-zagging over the highest ridges

Rocks, pine trees and mountains in central Corsica
cascade vizzavona
Chevaux,  plateau de Coscione, Corse
Aiguilles de Bavella from village
Hiking on the Corsica Island in France in autumn
walk along ridges

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6x Accommodation with optional breakfast
Tour design and organization
Booklet with detailed itinerary and route instructions
GPS navigation with an easy-to-use app
Service and support during your hike
Transportation to/from starting and end point
Travel insurance
Tour tax not included

Explore the southern section of the GR20 hike!

Designed with the seasoned hiker in mind, the South GR20 Adventure is not just a trek but a journey of discovery and endurance. It invites you to push your limits and test your technical knowledge while soaking in panoramic views that few places on earth can offer. Rest comes at cosy refuges or camping spots, each carefully selected to ensure that you recharge amidst nature’s unparalleled beauty.

The route navigates through the south of Corsica, embracing Capanelle’s scenic tranquillity, the historic Col de Verde, and the remote grandeur of Usciolu, culminating in the serene village of Conca. Each leg of the journey reveals a new facet of Corsica’s mesmerising landscape, from alpine plateaus to ancient forests, commanding respect and offering tranquillity in equal measure.

With GR20 Hike, the logistics of this epic adventure are seamlessly taken care of. From booking accommodations to providing detailed digital guides, luggage transfers and GPS routes, we’ve streamlined the process to let you focus on the journey. Our 24/7 support ensures that you have a helping hand whenever you need it, making this formidable trek accessible and enjoyable.

Get a taste of the GR20 hike and head out to explore the unparalleled beauty of the south of Corsica!


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Things to know


Those who like a good adventure and limitless flexibility should go on a self-guided tour. We prepare the itinerary and book your accommodations while you enjoy the journey without our guide, being fully in charge of all the daily decisions. While you’ll have the full support of our team in case of any emergencies or concerns, a certain level of self-reliance is required.


We manage your itinerary, provide you with a detailed guide, secure accommodations, and oversee all those details you'd rather not worry about, ensuring your trek is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.


Our dedication shines through our round-the-clock customer support, enhancing your journey by prioritizing your comfort and well-being above all else.


Our specialized team, intimately acquainted with Corsica's rugged beauty and distinctive culture, carefully curates premier GR20 hikes to exceed your anticipations.


As a fully bonded and insured entity, we offer financial protection for your bookings, ensuring you can embark on your travels with peace of mind and security.

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Step into a world of challenging terrains and unparalleled natural beauty to test your resilience on the GR20 hike, promising the adventure of a lifetime.
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