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GR20 Hike

Take on the ultimate trekking challenge in Corsica

GR20 Hiking Tours

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Aiguilles de Bavella gr20
goats lac de nino
climbing slabs gr20
monte cinto peak hikers
green pleateau gr20
sunrise on gr20
16 days / 15 nights
Take on Europe’s most difficult hike and test your limits on this self-guided tour through tranquil valleys and the majestic mountains of Corsica.
From: 1,495€/person
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Rocks, pine trees and mountains in central Corsica
cascade vizzavona
Chevaux,  plateau de Coscione, Corse
Aiguilles de Bavella from village
Hiking on the Corsica Island in France in autumn
walk along ridges
7 days / 6 nights
Get a taste of Europe’s hardest trek and set out on a self-guided adventure across soaring peaks and lush valleys on the southern part of the GR20 hike.
From: 745€/person
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Woman hiking the long distance hike in Corsica called the GR20. A long hike with a heavy backpack. Hiking for two weeks with the most incredible views over the mountains.
restonica gorge
rocky gr20
monte cinto tourist man
GR20 - Korsyka
Steel rope bridge Bonifatu
7 days / 6 nights
Embrace the challenge on a self-guided trek across the northern GR20's mountainous terrains, where dramatic peaks are waiting to be conquered.
From: 839€/person
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Explore Corsica's GR20 Hike

At the heart of Corsica’s wild beauty, the GR20 beckons the brave and bold.

Notorious for its challenging alpine section, the GR20 has been known to be one of the most challenging hikes in Europe and therefore perfect for any adventurer who wishes to put their resilience to the test while enjoying spectacular views.

An outstanding 180km (112 mi) trail through Corsica’s mountainous center is a well-marked compilation of natural wonders and hiking challenges. The GR20 is known for its diversity, from towering peaks to lush valleys, and our mission is to make this legendary trail accessible to all who seek the thrill of the outdoors.

Here’s how we help you:

  • Detailed self-guided itinerary with all the necessary info for a successful hike
  • GPS route + easy-to-use app for navigation
  • Booking all your accommodations
  • Breakfast and dinner at the huts
  • Full 24/7 support during your trek

Whether you’re committed to walking the full GR20 hike or get a taste of the North or South section, our classic GR20 options will have something for everyone.

Send us an inquiry and begin the journey that will test your limits and reward you with the unparalleled beauty of Corsica!

SAFETY DISCLAIMER: Hiking the GR20 trail is a tasking multi-day journey with several technical sections that require good physical fitness and prior experience. For your safety, it is crucial that you book a consultation with our agent prior to your purchase.

Top 5 Sights Along Corsica’s GR20 Route

Monte Cinto

monte cinto tourist man

Are you ready to take on Corsica’s highest peak? At 2,706 meters, Monte Cinto offers breathtaking views of the island. If you’re looking for a way to feel like you’re on top of the world, this is an opportunity you do not want to miss.

Lac de Nino

Lac De Nino view

The second-largest glacial lake in Corsica, Lac de Nino, is surrounded by peat bogs and small streams, creating a serene and picturesque setting perfect for a rest day. What adds to its charm are occasional herds of wild horses who come to enjoy this hidden gem with you.

Asco Valley

Ponte genovese di Asco

Renowned for its stunning vistas and challenging terrain, the Asco Valley is a highlight for many hikers with its rugged beauty and opportunities for spotting wildlife. The photo opportunities never end here, with nature doing its best to shine just for you and your fellow trekkers.

The Aiguilles de Bavella

Aiguilles de Bavella from village

One of the most dramatic mountain ranges, the needles of Bavella are as challenging as they are spectacular. Looking back on your trip and knowing you made it across will give you a one-of-a-kind sense of accomplishment. The incredible views don’t hurt either, of course!

Forests of Bonifatu

Hike in Bonifatu

The forests of Bonifatu are a piece of untouched nature with lush greenery and ancient trees that will transform you into the explorer you have always dreamed of becoming. These dense forests offer a stark contrast to the rocky ridges elsewhere on the trail with the chirping of birds and occasional wildlife keeping you company along the way.

Want to know more about the adventure you’re about to embrace?
We prepared an ultimate guide for all those seeking more information, packing tips, training advice and more!


We manage your itinerary, provide you with a detailed guide, secure accommodations, and oversee all those details you'd rather not worry about, ensuring your trek is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.


Our dedication shines through our round-the-clock customer support, enhancing your journey by prioritizing your comfort and well-being above all else.


Our specialized team, intimately acquainted with Corsica's rugged beauty and distinctive culture, carefully curates premier GR20 hikes to exceed your anticipations.


As a fully bonded and insured entity, we offer financial protection for your bookings, ensuring you can embark on your travels with peace of mind and security.

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